Busy weekend filling orders. Update.

Busy busy weekend!

I like it that way! so, here’s an update on my busy weekend filling orders.

As a nail tech, my week begins on Tuesday. This morning, I’ve been busy.  I’ve done my planning, yoga and made some nail nourishment for my clients which I will write about another day.  In the meantime, to see more, check out my Instagram, Tans2Toes. Now I’ll burn some wood for an hour and get ready for a fast paced day of creating beautiful hands and feet for my clients. I’m lucky to have my own private space to work in. Also a post for another day.

For today, a review of my weekend. It consisted of lots of pyrography. I’ll post a few pics but you can see all and follow at my creative Instagram, christine_creates . I’m working on an order of 27 small wood burned cutting boards for a client who will give them as gifts. I’m learning a lot and having so much fun doing it. Time to get busy and then get to work. Have a terrific Tuesday!!!

Boards I completed this weekend
More boards