Sketching 100 Faces. Learning to draw faces.

Sketching Challenge.

I’ve been working on a sketching project and I’m here to explain and give you a sneak peek. The challenge.  Draw 100 faces in a row to see where mistakes are being made and try to fix them

The beginning

I wanted to give up on number 2 and again on so many others. In the end, I hope I will have a good start on sketching profiles and I’ll move on to a different pose and a different challenge.

A sneak peek.

I’m only showing the first 14 so you can see there’s a little bit of progress.

This is not the first face I’ve ever attempted but it’s been awhile.
Sketch #2

Sketch #9

Sketch # 11
Sketch # 12
Sketch #13
Sketch #14

When the sketching is complete.

A slideshow of the completed 100 will show the final results. OH! And the rules are,  once the the challenge complete,  I number it and date it and don’t touch it after that.  That way, you’ll be able to see more progress in the end instead of fixing them all as I learn.  That’s the theory anyway. Check back soon!