Children’s Art Design Project. Make your own.

 Creating a children’s art pattern

Some people have asked me how I’m making patterns from children’s art.  The process can be slow but I’m still learning, so it’s probably slower than it could be.  Point is,  what I can teach you here, you can do as well.  It’s not hard.  Well, it’s not hard if you know Photoshop or one of the other programs used for editing.  My preference is Photoshop.  I’m so excited about that because just yesterday, I went out and got Photoshop Elements 2018. [and a new computer and also an external drive and also a Bamboo Ink smart stylus.]  I was still using Elements 12!

OK. Anyway….

Here’s how it’s done.

First, find a child.  I think it’s best to use one you know.  Next, throw down some paper and tools.  For the first several patterns, we used crayons but you can use paint or pens.  I wouldn’t use any of those at your coffee table near your off white sofas though.  Like I did.  It’s ok in my case because these little tots have already destroyed mine.  So, yep.  I’m going to need some of you to buy some of these patterns so I can get new sofas.

Let them create!!

Awesome Tip: For toddlers, tape the paper to the table.  It’s easier for them to stay on the paper.  In the future, I’ll be sharing some great ideas for making crayons that are easy for babies to hold soon. Use a good strong paper as it minimizes the wrinkling and tearing. I’ve been using this paper from one of my sketchbooks and it works great! My preference is this one that can be found on Amazon.  click  >here<  to order yours and I may earn a commission.

Mixed Media Paper

Scan and Edit.

Scan the artwork and open it up in Photoshop. Starting with a blank canvas, I usually set it to 6000 x 6000 pixels and size it down later and I set the dpi between 150 and 300.  Each site has recommendations for the size of your upload but when I’m just creating for every site, I go big and adjust later.  Now, you can play around with mirroring the image or you can change the blend mode to multiply and layer multiple pieces of art on one canvas.  This is the fun part because you never know what you’re going to end up with.  It can even be tiled to create a continuous pattern.

Children's art
Here, you can see the last two pictures of Trey’s Art combined in the 2nd and 3rd then, tiled in a continuous pattern in the 1st.


Now you have to decide which site to start with.  My art is on several profiles.  RedBubble, Society6,  Spoonflower, Roostery, Sprout and Rage On. [Some of the profiles are still being set up so, if it’s not highlighted and linked, check back later and try again.] I like uploading to all of those sites because each one has different things available to print on.  It allows for different sizes of patterns that can be matched using the different sites.

It’s best to look at the recommendations, as I said before, and adjust your size.   When you’re happy with your design, upload your art and give it a name.  That’s always the hard part for me but It’s important if you’re going to sell because this is where you will add your keywords so people can find what you and your little ones have created.

Each site will superimpose your art on their items.  You will have to move your art around and position it wherever you feel it looks best.  You’ll have to do the same for each item the site prints on.  Or, choose not to include that on your profile. [some art just doesn’t look great on certain items. For those items, you can choose to hide them so they will not be available for sale.  But remember!  Everyone likes something different, so if you’re not sure, include it.  You never know what will sell.]

For some patterns, you’ll want a transparent background so the color of the shirt or whatever item you are printing on will show through your pattern.  In that case, save your work as a PNG file.  Otherwise, you can save as JPEG but the background will be white or the color you have chosen. I use both but more often I use PNG .  Finally, save and publish to your store.

After uploading

This is the fun part! Now you will see how the children’s art will look on an item like a t-shirt or bags or bedding.  I love to look at everything when I’m done.  It’s so cool to see something you’ve created yourself on items you would normally go shopping for.

Now you can create EXACTLY what you want without having to go out into the crazy stores and shop for hours for something you may never find.  The items are printed on demand so although they are a little more expensive, the quality is very good.  This is great because you’re buying what you love so it will last a long time. Since they are only printing what is ordered, there’s no wasted fuel on shipments of tons of product that may never be bought.

Additionally, and this is the greatest part, you’re either creating it for yourself OR you’re supporting individual artists [thank you!] or small businesses.

Here’s a little sample of what you can do.

Click on the profile links above to see more.


Now, share it so people can see what you’ve done and order that little girl or boy something to wear proudly with his or her own artwork.  You could even get them involved and create something they can decorate their whole bedroom in.  I’d like to do that.  [added to the list of projects]


You can contact me and I will do it.  If you’re interested in having your children’s art pattern created but you feel you’re not creative or don’t have time or just don’t want to,  message me!  I’ll be happy to do it.  There’s a tiny little fee and some legal stuff that goes along with it but no biggie.  Your little man or little princess could be walking around in threads they created themselves in about 2-3 weeks. Just an FYI,  I’ve never had to wait as long as that.

Now,  I know this seems a little vague and non-tutorially but

  1.  I’m just starting, and you certainly don’t need a ton of training to do this.  You can start very easily and learn as you go at the same time. However, I  do plan to post a better step by step when my knowlege on the subject grows.
  2.  It’s just an update to let everyone know what’s up around here at Darlyssa Designs and  also for those who are not even aware this can be done.
  3.  Of course, I can’t forget this one, It’s a great excuse to show you pics of all the kids and aren’t they adorable?

If you’re wondering why you’re not also seeing Carson’s patterns yet, it’s in the works.  The twins were so excited to see what I was doing with their art so I had to do them both right away because of course, one can not be done without the other.  Carson is still 17 months old so he has no clue what’s going on and can wait a little bit.  His is in the process and will be added as soon as it’s done.

Another FYI.  At this time, some of these children’s art designs seen here are not published and available yet.  Spoonflower requires you to purchase a sample of your product before it goes live for quality control and I’m still waiting for some of my samples.  So, if you see something you like here but it’s not available on the site yet, don’t worry, it will all be available very soon.

Ok, that’s it for the moment and now I’m off work on some projects from my long list.  In the meantime, I would love to see your children’s art creations or answer any questions.  Happy creating and thanks for stopping by.


    • Yes! You should. It’s so much fun for everyone. And I don’t know how much you know about doing this but if you try it and Need help, I’m here.

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