Ibotta. My new favorite app.

What is Ibotta?

Oh! Where do I start?  I had to come and tell you about this awesome app, Ibotta.  Someone sent me the link sometime last October and I never used it.  For whatever reason, I decided to open the app a few days ago and started checking it out.

Ibotta is a cash back app.  It’s like using coupons whithout all the searching and clipping.  You carry all your deals right in your phone.  They’re all there which is great since I’m terrible at remembering to take my coupons with me to the store.  I always have them and all I have to do is open the app, find the store that I’m in (or do it before you go) and add each item I plan to buy and Ibotta adds the discount to your Ibotta account and you can withdraw your cash anytime you have $20 or more.

Fyi.. If you love your paper coupons, you can still use them in addition to the Ibotta app.

Before you click on to another page or decide this is not for you, scroll down to the bottom of this page and check out April’s Special!

Let’s get started!

1. Download the app. on your phone.  Find the Ibotta in the app store and use the code below to sign up.

Use my referral code, wacraqc, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. I get $5.  You can you too when you refer someone.

2.  Set up your account.  If you connect your Facebook account, friends who already use Ibotta will be added as your teammates.  More on that in a minute. Be sure to check that your zip code is entered correctly.  This makes a difference because Ibotta had local deals and some stores have different offers based on location.

3.  Search for retailers and offers.  Click the + to add an item you plan to buy. Be sure to read the details so you pick up the correct item.

4.  Go to the store and do your shopping like you normally do.  You can also shop online by opening the store you wish to shop using the Ibotta app.

Some items require you to scan the bar code.  It’s a good idea to do this while shopping because it will tell you then if it meets the requirements for the discount.

Remember: you CAN use paper coupons as well to maximize your savings.

5. Scan your receipt.  You have 7 days from the date of purchase but it’s best to just get it done right away.  Important:  Scan your entire receipt!  Even if you feel there are  Ibotta Screenshot     things that don’t matter on your receipt like ads, scan your receipt from the top to the bottom.  You can do this by clicking Redeem in the middle, across the bottom of your app.  Your camera will open and you can snap your receipt.  Ibotta will ask you if you need additional photos if it requires more than one photo to include your whole receipt.

You can see from the screenshot to the left, Home is where you will find special deals and your favorite stuff.  Next is the Find Offers where you can search for items or stores you’re looking for.  Redeem. My offers and Account.  When your on your Home page click on the little bell at the top left to view your activity.  Change the highlight to Teammates and you can see your teammates activity and what you’ve earned based on what they have accomplished.

Go Team!!!

This is a very cool and exciting part of Ibotta.  You can work with teammates to accomplish goals and earn extra money.  Remember I said earlier to connect your Facebook page, if you have one, to Ibotta?  Well, that’s because Ibotta has challenges you can work together to complete.  For example:  If the task is to complete 6 offers as a team for $.50,  that means your teammates activity counts as a whole.  Once those 6 unique offers and have your team  redeemed $7 worth of offers, and you and your team complete both, the whole team gets $.50 each.  Then the next level is unlocked. The larger your team, the more opportunity to complete more challenges, the more rewards.

April Special

During the month of April, anyone you refer that signs up using your code, (again, mine is wacraqc ) then activates their account by redeeming one offer, (this is also how your referral bonus is applied to your accountyou will earn everything they earn for the entire month of April.  It will be added to your account in the beginning of May. Did you hear me?  Just to confirm… If you refer someone now and they use the Ibotta app to save money on what they already plan to buy,  Ibotta will match their savings for the entire month and deposit in your account in May!!!  

That’s it! So simple.  I mean, how much is your savings account earning?  That’s how I look at Ibotta.  It’s easy not to notice $2 or $3 dollars taken of at the register but take that few dollars and let it build up in an account and you’ll notice it!  Also, what store lets you shop with other patrons as teammates and adds bonus savings to YOUR  receipt.  Um, none that I’ve ever been to.  So, give it try!!

Oh! BTW.  I just earned $.75 while writing this post.  Thanks Team!!!  So cool!

Please message me if I’ve gotten any info wrong or if you just need a little help using the app.  I want to keep all info accurate and I’m happy to help share what I know if you’re not sure of something.


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