10 Things You Can Do During A Rainy Weekend That Will Make The Rest Of Your Week Easier.

Take advantage of a rainy weekend.

Stuck in the house on a rainy weekend? Take advantage and try some of these ideas to get a jump start on your week.


I know that most of the things in this list are things you probably already do or could think of doing on your own.  But we’ve all had those moments when someone says something and you say to yourself  “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told a client about something I’ve done and they look at me and say (hmmmm…I’ve never thought about doing it that way!)  How do you know what will be helpful to someone if you don’t share your ideas?

Let the sharing begin!!

This is a list of some of the ways that are helpful to me when preparing for the upcoming week.  It takes effort so I do fall out of the habit of preparing sometimes.  For me, rainy days are the perfect excuse to slow down and reorganize.

Just an fyi,  some of the links I’ve posted on this page are linked to my Amazon Affiliate account so I may make a commission on items you purchase using my link.  I only post links of items I have tried, used and recommend. 

1. Make Lists

Even if you’re not a list maker, try it out.

Grocery List.  Open up the fridge and see what you need. Go to the mail stack and look for  coupons to clip.  Check out Ibotta to see if there are deals for any of the things you need.  (Don’t know about Ibotta? Click here to learn more.) Maybe you can stock up on things you use regularly.

Cleaning List.  Create a checklist of household chores that need to get done. Assign tasks to certain days and write it on a calendar or create a notification to remind you every morning what your cleaning goal for that day is.  You can customize your cleaning list as you discover what works.

Break down your chores into small tasks.

For example: Laundry.

Monday           towels

Tuesday           whites

Wednesday     sheets

Thursday         darks

Friday              lights

I don’t always get it done, but when I stick to this schedule, I have a lot less to do on my days off.

I found this laundry sorting cart on Amazon.  It’s awesome!  You can roll it around your house to gather dirty laundry and then park it in the laundry room.  Very convenient!

Idea, errand, birthday, anniversary, places I’d like to visit, password, goal Lists…… What kind of lists can you think of?  This list of lists is endless!!

2. Create a menu

Create the perfect menu. Think about the upcoming week.  Is it going to be crazy?  Make a list of quick and easy meals to throw together after a long day at the office.  Will you have extra time to play around in the kitchen?  Make a list around a recipe you’ve wanted to try.  Make a seasonal list.  Take advantage of the produce that’s in season.

Tip: After you’ve created your menu, create a shopping list and save them together in a folder on your computer or print them and keep them in a binder in the kitchen.  Grab a menu and a shopping list  whenever you need to save the time and skip the planning. It’s already done. You can create several menus and lists and never have to do it again.  It can always be amended as your tastes change and you’ll save money sticking to the list.

3. Cook

Since we are in the fridge, and maybe a rainy day is a great time to clean it out, open up those produce drawers.  What can you save before it spoils?  I love to smell food cooking on a rainy day.  It just makes my house feel cozy.  Soups and casseroles are the perfect choice to cook when you’re stuck inside.  I like to separate my soups and casseroles into portions depending on whether it’s just a single size I can take to work or larger portions for family meals. Then I seal them each with my food saver.

Tip: Freeze soup in small rectangle or square containers and then pop it out and save in food saver or freezer bags.  They stack nicely in the freezer so it saves space and keeps your freezer organized.  Don’t forget to label your food and add the date you put it in the freezer.

 Transfer your frozen meal to the fridge the night before and just heat at dinner time.  So easy! You can even make a large salad the night before and eat that while your dinner is being heated.

4. Customize your YouTube Profile

This is one of my favorites!  Everything you ever wanted to learn about is on YouTube.  It’s the first place I go when I have a question or need to learn how to do something.  When I find someone with a great page, I subscribe and create a folder for that topic.  I have folders for crafts, cooking, card making, pyrography, motivation, etc.

If you don’t utilize your profile on YouTube already, take some time to set it up now.  Saving videos to your Watch Later folder is great when you’re in the car line waiting for the kids or have to sit for an hour waiting to see the doctor.  Just don’t forget the earplugs when you’re waiting somewhere in public.  Not everyone wants to learn about the 10 deadliest reptiles or how to knit a sweater for your pug.

5.  Stretch

Just because you’re stuck in the house, doesn’t mean your workout routine is ruined.  Roll out that yoga mat and stretch.  It feels so good and it actually creates positive changes in your body and mind that really do make you feel better. If you don’t have a routine or a dvd to guide you, check out YouTube.  There are so many great videos that guide you in any type of exercise, including, my favorite, Yoga.

6. Meditate

Take the time to be quiet and think of all the things you are grateful for. Being mindful of the things in your life that you are grateful for makes the week so much easier.  Today, it’s so easy to focus on the things that are hard or make you angry.  It takes a lot more effort to find good lessons in every day routines.

Imagine the life you really want.  Are you doing things now that will help you reach that lifestyle?  Is there something you can do today while you’re stuck inside that will help you get on the right path?  Plan it now! It’s the best time.  I love the beautiful soothing sound of rain to guide me into a quiet moment of reflection and imagination.

7. Plan your wardrobe

If you’ve ever laid your clothes out the night before,  you know that it makes it so much easier when you get up to have this step already done.  I don’t have to worry about dressing up as much now since half my work is done at home and the other half is in a salon where I usually don’t go in til later in the day than most people.  However, when I had to get up early every morning, and I’m not a morning girl,  it was so nice to not have to think about how I was going to dress.  Make a space in the closet to hang complete outfits for the week.  Try everything on and match your shoes and bags now.  It’s a lot of fun to dig out stuff you’ve forgotten about.

It’s a great way to decide what to purge as well.  If you don’t want to wear something this week, unless it’s a climate issue, you probably won’t want to wear it next week either so consider donating or selling it.

8. Sell your stuff

A day like today is a great time to go to those websites you’ve been hearing about and check them out.  Instead of tossing clothing or other items in the garbage or just letting it all pile up,  do something that will make you feel good.  Pack it all up to donate or sell it and pay some of those bills.  There are lots of sites online that allow you to post your items to sell.  Offer Up, Craigslist, Letgo  to name a few.  An extra added benefit is the space you free up.  Doesn’t your morning go so much smoother when you go to your closest and there’s extra space instead of everything falling over because it’s crammed onto a shelf it doesn’t all fit on.  Chances are, most of that stuff you don’t even use and don’t intend to.  Get rid of it!  Someone else needs it!

9. Make a Honey-Do List

Ok, I know this is also a list but I felt like this should be separate from the other List suggestions because this one is for your honey.  We all have things we want our other half to do and a lot of times when we are in the middle of our crazy week it causes tension when you’re yelling as your walking out the front door,  “don’t forget to fix that cabinet door over the washing machine”  or hearing “are you going to fix that hole in my work pants? I need them!”

Think of all the things you’d like your honey to do and make a list.  Break larger projects into smaller steps.  Post his and her lists in a common area and check completed chores as they are completed. You can even create lists for the kids, and see who REALLY does all the work around here. 

Tip: make it fun.  Assign numbers based on time and difficulty level to each chore and reward the family member with the highest score with a favorite meal, or special treatment for a day or however you decide to customize your competition.

10.  Watch a Movie

This is not meant to say just be lazy.  Although if that’s what you want to do, go for it! Having nothing to do, and nothing to think about and loosing yourself in another world is very useful in being prepared and ready for a busy week.  Everyone needs to press the pause button every now and then.  Why not do it on a rainy day.  Don’t feel guilty for doing nothing.  You can do something all day every day and all those somethings aren’t going anywhere.  Trust me!  All those lists I like to make just keep getting longer and longer.  Set it all aside and just do nothing.  Put on your pajamas, pour a cup of tea, (or glass of wine but too much of that will NOT be helpful.)  Find a good movie or 3 and transport to another time, world or wherever your genre preference may take you.

I hope this list of 10 things to do during a rainy weekend encourages you try something that may help make your week go smoothly.  If you try one of these ideas or have one of your own you’d like to share, comment below.  Have a very happy rainy weekend!!

Here’s another idea.      Doodle Art. Make art by doodling.    Doodles! You can doodle too!


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