A day of learning and inspiration with Creativebug.

Some of the links I’ve posted on this page are Affiliate Links.  I may make a commission on items you purchase after clicking one of these links.  I only post links for items I have tried and recommend. Hope you find them helpful.

Finding inspiration

This is how most days start in my Darlyssa Designs studio. Aka. Darian’s room/storage room/guest room/storage room again/ craft room and finally,  Darlyssa Design’s Studio and Headquarters. Hehe!

All day, every day,  I have million different ideas bouncing around in my head.  I can’t wait to sit down and try some of them. Finally, I get the time to sit down and create and I’m all excited and ready to lay out all of my supplies and dive in and………….um…………what am I going to do?  My mind is blank and I can’t think of anything and anything I force just turns into a mess.  I need inspiration!

I always say “When I retire from doing nails, I want to take a bunch of art and craft classes.”  I wish I could do that now but I usually work when these classes are given and I don’t really have the extra cash to take them.  Well,  let me tell you what I came across while searching for inspiration.

I discovered Creativebug

I can’t tell you how excited I am.  This site is amazing!! There are some amazingly talented artists and crafters sharing all kinds of information about how and what they do.

Let me slow my roll and explain what it’s about.

It’s a membership based website.  The price is so great.  I’ve paid for classes that cost more that the membership for the whole year for Creativebug!!  Click this link and check it out!!  >Creativebug< . Just the usual fyi….This is an affiliate link and if you join using this link, I may make a commission.

What you get

When you sign up for Creativebug, you’ll get access to 1000’s of arts and craft classes.  Each class is uploaded in segments so you can take the whole class in 1 sitting or you can view one section at a time.  I like to do the whole class and pause as I create my own as I follow along.  You can stop and start your classes as often as you want and if you want to start over and play it again, you can!! Here’s a great plus! On the Creativebug about page they explain that a percentage of your subscription goes to nonprofits in art education.  That’s awesome!!!

My first class

I was so excited to find one of my favorite artists on Creativebug and she has several classes.   I highly recommend this Sketchbook Explorations with Lisa Congdon class.  She will make anyone feel like an artist.  She shows how easy it is to make simple doodles into amazing art.  Here are my first two examples of what I did while following her lessons.

This is a great example of something everyone can do but there are also classes that require more experience which is great because you know you can progress and there will always be a challenge. In addition to all that, it helps so much to combine what you learn and create your own style which is what I’m working on currently.

Your first class

So, head over to Creativebug (don’t forget to use the link above to get you there)  and sign up! I would love to hear about your experience and if you care to share, post your first project in the comments below.

Happy Creating!!!