Happiness. Choose a job you love…

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Everyone wants to do something that brings them happiness.  It’s so nice when you finally figure out what you want to do everyday.

I’m getting closer to a plan.  I’m 47 and I’m still trying to decide what to do when I grow up.  If I could leave one message for my future adult grandson it would be….

Try anything that draws you to it,  figure out what you’re good at and that you love.  It must be something that when you’re done, the people and the earth you leave will be better for you having done it.  When you figure out what that is, master it….And the rest will fall into place.  This is happiness.  You are the creator.   

What’s been going on.

Before I go into that,  I’ll give you a little update of what’s been going on.  Just trying to keep up.  In reference to the part of the question above concerning try everything....Do that part while you’re young!!!

Lately, I have been watching my grandson a lot.  So, while that slows me down, way down,  I’m loving every minute of it.  Ok, maybe just most of the minutes.  I’m not a huge fan of diaper changes and melt downs but it’s all part of the adorable little package.

We talk.  We play.  We read.  We explore.  We make art.  He is an amazing little guy.  Then he goes home and I clean.  I eat dinner and go to bed and do it all over again the next day.  Then, wednesday-friday and every other saturday I do nails in my salon.  Every minute I get in between all of that,  I sneak into my craft room at home.  It’s a happy happy place.

Currently, in my craft room,  I’m working on a book.  I’m writing and illustrating and I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m enjoying every minute of it.  I can’t wait to reveal the final product.  Be patient.  It’ll take me a while. I’ll give you one little tid bid though.  It is all about the 5 senses and inspired by Carson and his amazement and excitement as he explores the world around him.

I’ve also been playing around with watercolors, creating handmade cards to sell in my salon and will soon make available, probably on etsy.   There will also be a bunch of burned and painted beach signs available soon.  The one below is a test to see how it will weather before I start to sell them.


Of course, as some of you know, I just got back from Key West. Happiness!  I’m working on a post about the trip.  I’ll post that soon but I’m still in Island mode.  A little bit behind.  It was amazing though. The weather was beautiful even though it was supposed to be rainy all weekend.  We got lucky!  I really needed the quiet break to rest my brain from the past few months of soul searching.  Silence is good!

Listen to silence.  It has so much to say.


I listened.

I’ve always had the curiosity to try everything that appeals to me.  My whole life I have been listening to people say I quit everything.  I don’t consider myself a quitter.  I consider myself a try-er.  This only occurred to me recently when my clients started saying “Wow, you’ve done a lot of stuff!”

I have. 

I’ve been a dancer, ran the snack bar at a skating rink, I have volunteered at summer camps,  been in the church choir,  been in plays,  made custom scrapbooks (a lot of scrapbooks!)  was a nanny, worked and then owned half of a produce business,  owned a carpet cleaning business,  taught preschool, drove a school bus…..there’s more, a lot more.  Not to mention spray tanning and currently being a nail tech, but you get the idea.

Everyone of those things I’ve tried made me somewhat happy in the moment but did not turn out to be the thing I love.  Well, except dancing but you don’t always get to do everything you love.  Good thing there’s usually several things that can make you equally as happy.   Crafting and art compare to dancing for me.

Although those things didn’t turn out to be what I want to spend my whole life doing,  they ALL taught me lessons.  Even the things I had to do to pay the bills along the way taught me huge life lessons and helped to teach me skills that, at the time I thought were useless, turned out to be skills I implement in the things I’m doing now.

I learned how to run a business when I was in carpet cleaning, discipline through dancing,  compassion and patience teaching preschool, time management from my nail business, creativity though arts and crafts.

Now, I’m learning all about marketing as I learn all about social media and online business and blogging.  Connecting, algorithms, editing, basic computer skills, photography, creating and managing this blog.

It is not as easy as you may think.  In fact, it’s frustrating at times.  It’s easier for the younger generation I think, because they are learning this stuff from and early age while they are still sponges.  I was 22 or 23 before the internet was available to me and  Alyssa was a baby so there was no time to keep up with technology. Although, I was very interested.  I keep trying to catch up. It is all possible with effort and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m addicted to the moment when something clicks and I am so grateful as I reap the rewards.

My plan.

All of these life lessons will come together soon.  The next phase is in the works.  I’m really excited that I’ve finally figured out how to put the things I love into a package that will not only make me happy to wake up and get busy every day but will also create opportunities for my friends and family as well.  While I can’t reveal all of my plan just yet,  I hope that you will all follow along as this journey unfolds.  I promise you will love it!

Here’s another little hint.  It’s all about creating a community.  We all need community but today we are so busy.  I watch the ladies that come into the salon and no matter how they walk in, they almost always leave with a smile and a happy mood.  I will create a space where people can be creative and forget about everything else for a while.  A place where people can meet and collaborate or just chat and laugh.  It will be a place where people can learn and challenge themselves.  A place where people can find happiness.

Today, it is cool that we not only have the freedom to choose a job we love, but we can also create it!

Stay tuned….

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