My Profile Links

Today I’m working on adding all my links in one place to make it easier for you to find all my profiles I upload my designs to.  I’ll be editing this page over the next couple of days so please come back.  I’ve decided to go ahead and publish before it’s complete because I have some clients that asked to see it so they can order items on some of these sites.  Also, some of the sites are still being worked on so visit them later to see new designs and items that will be added soon. Thanks for checking them out and come back again to see the updated page.

POD (print on demand)

On these first few sites, you’ll find designs I’ve created.  Choose a design you like and then the item you want it printed on.  Order and enjoy!

I love creating for these sites so you’ll see lots more soon.  I’m having fun learning and playing around with all my ideas.  It’s a lot to learn but I love the challenge and I feel like my creations are getting better and better.










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